Power Based Coaching

Kinetic Loop Training System is a cycling coaching company helping cyclists, and triathletes improve their performance. Founded in 2000 by Michael Lovegren. Kinetic Loop helps every athlete whether elite or recreational with our “Every Second Counts” approach.

Bespoke Bike Fitting

The Bespoke Bike Fit is a cutting edge bike fit technique that it tailored to your body’s unique abilities. Our cutting edge technique has helped 100’s of cyclist ride pain free and increase their performance and efficiency on the bike.

What makes the difference is not our technology it’s our understanding of how your body works and the continuing quest to further our education of functional biomechanics and movement behavior patterns. Add that to experience of fitting countless clients over 14 years and you have a truly professional grade Bike Fit.

Is your training working for you? A field test performed every 6 to 8 weeks will help you determine whether or not your training is improving your performance