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Endurance Coaching

Options Coaching Plan Remote Coaching Plan Junior Coaching Plan
4 weeks $350 $99 $99
Power/Heart Rate Based Training Yes Yes Yes
Data Review Unlimited Monthly Weekly
Calls/ Text per Month Unlimited Every 2 weeks Weekly

Meet with Coach

Once per month NA Once per month
Additional Private Sessions with local athletes $50 per hour NA $50 per hour
Emails Unlimited Weekly Unlimited
Contracts 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months 6 or 12 months
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All services are payable by Credit, Check, or Cash. Invoiced by PayPal

We require all our athletes (cyclist and or triathletes) to use a a downloadable bike computer (Joule, Garmin, SRM ) and a power meter to collect your data. "What gets measured gets managed" Peter Drucker.

Don't have a power meter we can help. Kinetic Loop Training System is also a distributor for SRM and CycleOps power meters.

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Call: 970-443-8752