Power Based Cycling Coaching

The Kinetic Loop Training System methodology to achieve optimal performance is based off of a scientific approach that no only addresses the science, but the skills and technique as well. We consider every athlete that we coach as a unique individual with different strength, weakness, lifestyle, tolerance to training loads, and competition goals. However, your goals whether you are an Olympic athlete or life athlete, every athlete is treated as an Olympic athlete with professional service, respect, integrity, and transparency.

Our Coaching Difference

Our goal as your coach is not to have you simply follow a training program, but to analyze your data and feedback in order to understand how you are responding to the training stress and recovery. Your training load is modified based off your individual training needs. Which is why we have all our athletes . The power meter is like having your coach with you all the time. Some coaches call the power meter a portable lab. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals while making “Every Second Count

The most significant way to achieve your athletic endeavors is by and or GPS device. A power meter records your effort from both a cardiovascular (heart rate) and a muscular force (watts). The power meter measures your true rate of work (power), which is how hard you are able to push down on the pedals. Training with a power meter (SRM, Powertap, Quarq, Shimano etc.) gives you the opportunity to focus on specific parts of the physical demands for cycling. The GPS feature is to track your pace, heart rate, and distance for runners and open water swimmers. We require all our Kinetic Loop Training System athletes to utilize a power meter for cycling and Triathlon and a GPS device for running and swimming.

We are 100% up to date and a coaching leaders in the application and use of power measuring devices. All of our athletes need to have an approved power measuring device. These tools provide critically important feedback for us to design your training and racing programs. Power and GPS records must be sent to us daily to monitor your progress and problems. Kinetic Loop Training System is also a distributor for SRM and PowerTap power meters. Call Today and learn how you can purchase a power meter and get a deal on your first month of coaching.

Every Second Count Approach

The approach to coaching is very simple. We develop a structured program for you that has a progressive overload that creates the greatest training adaptations. Each mesocycles builds on top of the other.

Each of the mesocycles works on the three different energy systems (Aerobic, Glycolytic, ATP-PCr). These three energy systems are important in helping your body become a more efficient engine. Aerobic for base building, Glycolytic to help you maintain those hard efforts, and ATP-PCr system for those explosive bursts. Since we are all created different our bodies respond differently to the training load or stimulus, which is why we do not believe in or use a cookie cutter approach. All of our coaching programs are created to fit your goals, skill level, and your needs.

While we are helping you work on your different energy systems and increasing your efficiency and power. We will also provide you with drills to help you with your tactics, skills, and mechanics. We believe that sometimes athletes get lost in the numbers and forget about the art of the sport. Endurance sports are similar to chess. Everyone needs to learn how to develop a strategy that gives you the winning edge.

Should you choose to invest in your athletic endeavors with Kinetic Loop Training System expectation is a 1 to 3 year commitment from you. As you will notice each year you will achieve another level in your fitness. Make Every Second Count and get coached with Kinetic Loop Training System!!