Our Coaching Methodology

Our coaching system refines and formulates the winning strategy to help you achieve your performance goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, KLTS will work side-by-side with you to develop a plan that matches your lifestyle, schedule, and riding interests.

We’re focused on making you the best athlete you can be with combining KLTS proprietary skill and technical elements into your training typically improve two to three times faster than those who simply follow a prescribed . With Kinetic Loop you are not just “given” a , you learn the “whys” behind everything you do… always moving a step closer towards your goals.

Every Second Counts Approach

The Kinetic Loop program is very specific and requires a huge commitment to structure and the highest professional level of self-discipline. We do not believe in the cookie cutter approach and believe that each athlete is a unique individual with different physiological characteristics, tolerances to training loads, recovery from training, lifestyle, psychological traits and training and competition goals.

How it works

Schedule a Conference Call with the Coach
Perform a Field Test to determine training zones
Analyze your training history and build you a custom training program focused on your goals
Analyze your data daily to keep you on track and accountable
Provide you exercises on and off the bike to help improve your performance