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How to Improve Your Climbing on the Bike

When it comes to training everyone responds differently to the training stimulus. If you want to improve your sprinting then you need to practice your sprints. If you want to improve your climbing then you need practice climbing. There are so many drills you can do to improve your climbing I have provided a few of them below:

Hill Attacks:

Goal: To develop strength on climbs to sustain ATP-PCr efforts

  • Find a climb averaging about 8 to 10 minutes
  • 15 to 20 second max effort
  • Steady State for coach desired time (5 minutes to 10 minutes)
  • Recovery should be a 1:2 ratio. 5 minutes at steady state equals 2.5 minutes recovery.
  • Hill Attacks are great drills because how many times you have been in a bike race or a group ride and as soon as the group gets over the climb there is an attack or maybe a you are going to do a road race with a finish line on the hill top. By practicing this technique you can improve your ability to attack over a climb.

    Climbing Repeats (CR)

    Goal: Increase your climbing lactate threshold by training at the edge of your aerobic/anaerobic threshold.

    How to do it: This workout should be performed on the road with a long steady climb. The training intensity is at your climbing individual lactate threshold (LT). Your KLTS coach will establish your climbing individual LT intensity and it is critical that you maintain this intensity for the length of the CR. Your climbing lactate threshold heart rate is slightly higher than your individual lactate threshold heart rate on flat terrain because you are involving more muscles while climbing than on flat terrain. Since more muscles are being used, more blood is required for these muscles, hence a higher heart rate. Pedal cadence for CR intervals while climbing should be 80-90 RPM. Maintaining the training intensity is the most important factor, not pedal cadence. It is very important to avoid interruptions while doing these intervals. Focus on continuous riding for the length of the prescribed interval. Repeat the CR as many times as your KLTS coach dictates. Recovery time between the CR is normally 5-15 minutes.

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