Optimal Cleat Placement

Achieving Optimal Power Through Your Cleat Placement Cleat placement is one of the most important parts of bike fitting. If the cleat is not properly aligned then the rest of the bike fit will be incorrect. Every watt of power you produce is transferred to the bike through your feet and on to the pedals. […]

What is a Field Test?

KLTS Cycling Field Test In order to evaluate your fitness periodically, KLTS has devised a simple benchmark workout that gives valuable feedback to your KLTS coach and helps him/her determine your progress. Results of this workout will also help your coach periodically evaluate your progress and define your next few weeks of training. This workout […]

Why Train With a Power Meter

Why Train with a Power Meter? We are never too young or too old to train and race with a power meter. I hear this all the time, “Why should I train with a power meter?” Well, the truth is you can learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses using a power meter. I […]