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Optimal Bike Fit

BeSpoke Bike Fitting

Have you ever wondered what makes a great bike fitter? Some bike fitters go to a weekend clinic and learn the basic's about bike fitting. The BeSpoke bike fitting is performed by more than just a certified bike fitter. Our unique approach is backed by years of collegiate study.

Want to add 50-100 watts to your power ?

Do you want to prevent injury and eliminate chronic pain..

Ride faster than ever before..

...adds 2 – 3mph to your speed within minutes, gives you power for the climbs you could only dream of before…

… while keeping you pain and injury free, finally… and allowing you to enjoy your rides in comfort…

...You awaken so many dormant muscles, which enables you to power through your entire pedal stroke with 50 – 100 watts of more power.

..You won’t find our system with any other coach, or bike shops...

..We are 100% Shim and Wedge Free...

..We are the only bike fit system that looks at the whole athlete not just the bike.

..As one of our clients said this is a Bespoke Bike fit system; made to measure for you.

Bike Fit

BeSpoke Bike Fit

We have more than 14 years experience of performing professional bike fits. We developed through extensive scientific research our very own Bike Fit system. The Bespoke Bike Fit System is a meticulous process to create efficiency on the bike.

What sets us apart from the is our functional movement screen that examines your physical strengths and limitation. Once your movement has been examined we prescribe exercises to improve your limitations and performance on the bike.

We then educate you on proper pedaling techniques that will increase your efficiency through the entire pedal stroke. The pedal stroke technique will help you to increase your speed to 2-3 mph.

Once your BeSpoke Bike Fit is complete you will roll out of here with a position that maximizes your power and comfort, for all-day performance.

1st session (approximately 2-3 hours)

Optimize your position on your current bike which includes: cleat placement, bike position, pedaling technique. If it is necessary I will recommend bike components to optimize your position. I also perform our very own Functional Movement Screen from a series of test to analyze your movement behavior patterns. Exercises are prescribed to improve your mobility and position on the bike. By the end of the session you will have a copy of your bike fit measurements for your record.

2nd session (follow up bike fit 30-60 minutes)

Existing Bike

Evaluate your new position (with new equipment if recommended).

All follow up Bike Fits must be completed within 60 days. Refit after 60 days with same bike $100

Price: $200.00 (additional bike 100.00)

$100 deposit fee required at scheduling. Schedule your Appointment

TEAM DEAL ( Schedule a group of 5 team members or more and receive your bike fit for $200 each )

Cleat Fitting Only: $50.00


Experience vs Technology:

You can’t rely on a computer to produce your optimal riding position. Would you choose your doctor based on the brand of X-ray machine they own?

What makes the difference is not our technology it’s our understanding of how your body works and the continuing quest to further our education of functional biomechanics and movement behavior patterns. Add to that the experience of fitting countless clients over 14 years and you have a truly professional and medical grade BeSpoke bike fit.


With Mike's help, I was able to get back on the bike and ride again pain free from chronic injuries. Mike's biomechanical bicycle fitting allowed to increase my power, flexibility and improve my form. I am also recovering better from each ride. Additionally, I was able to put 2.5 minutes on my friend on a 10 minute climb. —H. Marq Prince