BeSpoke Bike Fit

The Bespoke Bike Fit is a cutting edge bike fit technique that is tailored to your body’s unique abilities. Our cutting edge technique has helped 100’s of cyclist ride pain free and increase their performance and efficiency on the bike.

How We Help Our Clients

Kinetic Loop Training System we believe that every cyclists is different and you can not use a one size fits all approach. This is why We Don’t Shim or Wedge our clients around

Every cyclist’s has different mobility and stability issues that create their very own movement behavior patterns. These faulty movement patterns you can not resolve with a bike fit from a Retul, Guru, or any other machine. Because the machine is not trained to look at and analyze your movement behavior patterns. The machine is programmed to create a position on the bike, but lacks the ability analyze your posture and movement behavior patterns.

Lets face it if you have poor posture on the bike how are you going to breathe?? Riding the bike in a hunched position is going to put your lungs in a vice and lets face it you wont be very aerodynamic. Our mission is that every bike fit we tailor it to You the individual and prescribe You exercises that will help You achieve optimal mobility and stability which will help have fun on the bike and kick butt!

With Mike’s help, I was able to get back on the bike and ride again pain free from chronic injuries. Mike’s biomechanical bicycle fitting allowed to increase my power, flexibility and improve my form. I am also recovering better from each ride. Additionally, I was able to put 2.5 minutes on my friend on a 10 minute climb

Experience vs Technology

You can’t rely on a computer to produce your optimal riding position. Would you choose your doctor based on the brand of X-ray machine they own?

What makes the difference is not our technology it’s our understanding of how your body works and the continuing quest to further our education of functional biomechanics and movement behavior patterns. Add that to experience of fitting countless clients over 14 years and you have a truly professional grade Bike Fit.

The BeSpoke Bike Fit System is tailored to You

What sets us apart?

Once your bike fit has been performed. You will receive a Functional Movement Screen. The FMS looks at your physical strengths and limitations. Once your movement has been examined we prescribe exercises to improve your limitations and performance on and off the bike.

BeSpoke Bike Fit

Proper Cleat Alignment
Saddle Position
Proper Knee Angle
Proper Hip Angle
Proper Shoulder Angle
Movement Analysis
Pedaling Analysis
Bike Fit Measurements in a PDF
Optimal Position based on your abilities
Exercise Prescription based on your mobility and stability
Crank Length Recommendations
Free Follow Up Bike Fit within 60 Days

Problems with a Poor Bike Fit

Poor Cleat Position creating hot spots
Saddle Tilting Down – creates knee pain
Saddle Tilting Up – creates low back pain
Low saddle height – creating front knee pain
Saddle Height too high – rear of knee pain
Negative Setback Seatposts creates increased top tube length and increases aerodynamic drag
Handle bar position and width – creating shoulder issues
Pressure on hands
Low Back Pain

BeSpokeBike Fit $250

Seen by Appointment Only

“I had the pleasure of getting fitted by Michael Lovegren for my road bike. I’ve never been fitted before and being on and off over the last 5 years cycling I figured I need to focus on comfort and longevity if I’m going to give this sport serious effort.Michael was able to make me feel immediately comfortable and welcomed questions which made the entire experience warm and inviting. As a newbie in the technical aspects of cycling I am often times intimidated to ask “DUMB QUESTIONS” but in the privacy of the fit studio I was able to machine gun fire away questions and questions and received great answers from an experienced rider/coach/fitter.Of the few other bike fit systems I’ve researched I found that a lot of the focus is on the bike fit to the individual but not so much on how the individual can constantly make improvements to accommodate the perfect fit. In ESSENCE, I was given a body assessment and given HOMEWORK to improve my cycling. So far this has added a whole new dynamic to my cycling. Not only am I focusing on retraining my muscles to efficiently maximize my cycling but I’m also focusing on the excercises prescribed to me by Michael to increase my fitness and comfort OFF the bike. Michael even followed up with me the day after to make sure I absorbed all the knowledge he hit me with! Communication has been awesome.As a final note on this, i want to add that I’m the type of person that has learned to deal w/ lifelong lingering pains from just being active in weightlifting, basketball and running. I don’t think I’ve had a day in recent years where I’ve been “painfree”. I’ve come to accept this as the norm for me (getting OLD haha). However, going to Kinetic Loop was an eye opening experience because I was able to test my problem areas and now have a plan that can really turn my life around. I look forward to being painfree not just on the bike but in life… that’s what makes Kinetic Loop more than a great bike fit”