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Best Way To Improve Your Criterium Performance

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Best Way To Improve Your Criterium Performance

A criterium (Crit) race is a based on time and intensity. Depending on your category whether you are a Cat 4 with a 30 min crit or a Pro 1,2 with a 90 minute crit you will need to create an adaptation. In order to do well as a cat 4 or as a Pro 1,2 you will need to be able to be able to push yourself for the entire race. A drill that will help you push yourself is Descending Intervals (DI). To create an adaption it is best to perform this exercises 1-2 times per a week.

This exercise works on your VO2max and Glycolytic energy system. If doing the drills back to back in block training the ideal day would be performing them on Tuesday and Wednesday during a race week. The goal is to create an adaptation that simulates the changes of speed in a crit.

Descending Intervals (DI)

Goal: To increase anaerobic power, lactate tolerance and repeatability during short intense efforts.

How to do it: This workout should be performed on an indoor trainer because the controlled environment offers a better comparison from one session to another. It can also be performed on a relatively flat section of road. The gearing should be moderate and pedal cadence must be high (110 or higher) during each interval. Attack each interval as hard as possible. Jump out of the saddle as you begin the interval and build speed as the interval continues. If you have to, shift into a lighter gear to maintain the cadence, but don’t let the intensity of the interval drop. With a high cadence, your heart rate will remain extremely high and you will train your muscles for high power and repeatability. Recovery between intervals is easy spinning. Recovery time between efforts is limited so that you will never fully recover between intervals. Heart rate intensity is not prescribed because the interval is a maximal effort. The recovery time between intervals is the same length as the maximal effort of the interval. Recovery time between DI sets is 10 minutes, and your Kinetic Loop Training System coach will prescribe the exact number of sets you will do. Normally expect to do 2-4 sets total.

Here is an example of a DI workout:

One set consists of the following efforts and recovery intervals.

  • 120 seconds maximal effort followed by 120 seconds recovery spinning
  • 105 seconds maximal effort followed by 105 seconds recovery spinning
  • 90 seconds maximal effort followed by 90 seconds recovery spinning
  • 75 seconds maximal effort followed by 75 seconds recovery spinning
  • 60 seconds maximal effort followed by 60 seconds recovery spinning
  • 45 seconds maximal effort followed by 45 seconds recovery spinning
  • 30 seconds maximal effort followed by 30 seconds recovery spinning
  • 15 seconds maximal effort followed by 15 seconds recovery spinning

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