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Training Tips

Why Train and Race with a Power Meter

Here is an great article that shows you are never too young or old to train and race with a power meter.

Stretches to create hip mobility

Check out the warrior stretch and the Toe Touch Progression both are great exercises to help with hip mobility.

Rolling the Hot Spots using the Kinetic Loop Foam Rolling Method

Muscle flexibility is the component of fitness often downplayed or neglected by many athletes. The article demonstrated step by step on how to use a foam roller to help eliminate postural distortion patterns that lead to injury. Learn from the guy who invented full body foam rolling Michael Lovegren. Learn how to foam roll the entire body using the Kinetic Loop Foam Rolling Method.»Lean more.

How to Build your own foam roller

Want to learn how to save money building your own foam roller instead of spending $30 dollars on a foam roller that will fall apart and loose it density within a month or two. Here is a tool that every athlete can't live without. »Lean more.

Shim or Not to Shim???

As a coach and professional bike fitter, I always here this question “should I shim”? The answer to that question depends on what are you trying to accomplish.  I would have to say 90% of the time shimming is like putting a band-aid on the problem.  Putting a shim in the shoe or on the cleat is a cheap way to say “hey you are messed up, but I don’t know how to fix you. »Read more on about why.

How to save money on nutritional products in hard economical times(160 Kb PDF)

During these harsh economic times endurance athletes are forced to find other alternatives to fuel their bodies from the traditional Powerbar, GU, Hammer, and other commonly used products. We all know that muscle glycogen is an important fuel source during most rides, whether easy or more intense and depending on your training intensity. Muscle glycogen can become significantly depleted in 75 to 90 minutes. But do we really need these products..

How to Ride in an Echelon

Check out the diagram on how to ride efficiently in a group using the right and left echelon during windy days.»Read

Core Training for Endurance Sports

The last 8 years everyone in the health and fitness profession has been talking about core. I have even talked about core. However, the truth about the core is the lumbo-pelvic hip complex and not just working the abdominal's. We have local and global stabilizers. The local stabilizer are the muscles of your spine that stabilize your spine. The global muscles are the ones the control the pelvic during movement. Both of these areas are important in working the core. »Learn why.