Cycling Skill Drills

  Below is a list of slow and fast speed skills drills   The art of Rolling     Lets face it one of the most important drills you can do on the bike is done off the bike. The art of learning how to roll. In most martial arts classes the first thing your […]

Junior Gear Restrictions

Junior Gear Restrictions: Is Your Race Bike legal? Junior gearing can be a surprise to young athletes trying the sport of cycling for the first time. The young athlete attending his first USA Cycling-sanctioned event may be shocked to find his bicycle considered illegal. Parents may also wonder why this is so, especially when they […]

Optimal Cleat Position - Kinetic Loop Training System

Optimal Cleat Position

Cleat Position Cleat placement is one of the most important parts of bike fitting. If the cleat is not properly aligned then the rest of the bike fit will be incorrect. Every watt of power you produce is transferred to the bike through your feet and on to the pedals. If the position of the […]