Shimming & Wedging is a Crime

Shim or Not to Shim

To Shim or Not to Shim As a coach and professional bike fitter I always here this question “should I shim/wedge”? The answer to that question depends on what are you trying to accomplish.  I would have to say 90% of the time shimming/wedging is like putting a band-aid on the problem.  Putting a shim/wedge […]

Build Your Own Foam Roller - Kinetic Loop Training System

How to Foam Roll

Rolling the Hot Spots: Stretching Using the Kinetic Foam Rolling Loop Every athlete should train addressing the five components of fitness in order to achieve peak performance. The five components are as follows: Aerobic endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. As the average or elite endurance athlete trains, he or she continually […]

Build Your Own Foam Roller - Kinetic Loop Training System

Build Your Own Foam Roller

How to Build a Foam Roller How would you like to learn how to make a foam roller for under 20 dollars??? You will need the following items below: 1. Blue camping mat from Walmart (8.00 dollars) 2. 3 inch diameter by 20 inches in length PVC pipe from Lowe’s or Home depot(cost 3.00) 3. […]

Why Train With a Power Meter

Why Train with a Power Meter? We are never too young or too old to train and race with a power meter. I hear this all the time, “Why should I train with a power meter?” Well, the truth is you can learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses using a power meter. I […]