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Coaching with Power

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Endurance Coaching

Kinetic Loop Training System is a Cycling and Triathlon Coaching company helping athletes improve their performance. We are located in Norwalk, California and offer Remote Coaching world wide.

Whether you are looking to finish your first event or to achieve the next level of excellence in cycling, running or triathlon. We can help guide you to become the best athlete you can be. Get power based training for Road Racing, Criterium, Time Trial, Mountain biking, and Triathlon Learn More

We also offer Junior Coaching geared towards developing youth skills, problem solving, self confidence, and empowering the inner athlete Learn More»

Bespoke Bike Fitting

Bespoke Bike Fitting

Want to add 50-100 watts to your power, prevent injury and eliminate chronic pain? Ride faster than ever before!. Add 2 – 3mph to your speed within minutes, gain power for the climbs you could only dream of before,

Learn why Cyclists and Triathletes have chosen our Bespoke Bike Fitting System over the rest Learn More »

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